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   FR92240240A520A - 240x240 Blue Frame for 520 w/QS Clips 
FR92240240A520A - 240X240 BLUE FRAME ASSY 520NS W/QS CLIPS
Description: Equipped with arms for machines with 520mm spacing.
This includes:
V Series Single Heads (BEVT-Z1501CB, BEVTZ1501C, BEVTZ901CA)
V Series Small Multi-heads (BEVY-Z1502C, BEVY-Z1504C, BEVY-Z1506C, and BEVT-Z1508C -wide, execpt for BEVT-Z1508C w/380mm centers)
D Series Single Head machines except for Elite JR
D Series compact Multihead machines (2-6 head)
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   FR92240240A380A 240x240mm Blue Frame for QS 380mm arms 
240x240mm Blue Oblong Frame for QS 380mm arms
Description: Equipped with arms for machines with 380mm centers. This includes:

BEVY-Z1508C with 380mm arms

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   FR92240240A - BLUE PLASTIC HOOP 240x240mm 
FR92240240A - BLUE PLASTIC HOOP 240x240mm
Description: Blue Plastic Hoop inside & outside set without clips
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